Monday, November 9, 2009

Mr lyttle's task page

Keep an eye out for fun, interesting, and most importantly educational tasks!

Fraction Games

Hey Maths group
Play these games for Maths

For a really hard challenge go to and click on super brain
- Mr. Lyttle

Maths Task
Who created these? aren't they fantastic? no wonder Mr. Lyttle is obsessed with Tessellations...

Reading task
Your mission is to complete this task while others work on their novel studies or with Mr. Lyttle (Me).

Read the following articles from the websites and make a link to your knowledge for each. For example, I have you read this before in science when I studied astrology. I agree it is important because like the Mayans I think...

Web site to read and

Once you have do this I want you to go to three other peoples blogs and leave productive comments on their Maitainui pages. Please see for an example.

Good luck people, I know you can do it!

Mr. Lyttle


  1. Great images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CHOCOHOLIC much????????????

  2. Cool pictures! I especially like the first one:)

  3. Mr Lyttle - make more posts - it's great that you're into this medium for supporting your teaching.
    And remember to leave feedback for kids online too.

  4. the links on the blog don't even work Mr Lyttle.